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Take Back the Night

Take Back the Night (TBTN) began in the 1970’s as a series of world-wide marches and rallies protesting violence against womyn and supporting womyn’s right to move safely in their community day and night. Today, TBTN focuses on combating sexual assault, relationship and domestic violence, and providing support for survivors. Annual TBTN rallies exist on college campuses around the world.

Take Back the Night UCSB is a student funded, student run organization of Associated Students. We are dedicating to raising awareness about issues surrounding sexual violence through activism, advocacy, and survivor empowerment. By providing a forum for survivors and allies alike to make their voices heard, we create an environment in which survivors of sexual violence can begin to heal. Along with our annual spring rally, we host meetings and events throughout the year, which serve as safe and educational spaces.

During Spring 2018 we meet Tuesdays in the Women’s Center Conference room (1st floor of the Student Resource Building) from 7 to 8pm weeks 2 through 9. Feel free to contact us with any questions or stop by our officers’ office hours, which can be found below.

Meeting Time

In non-covid times, we meet at 6pm Mondays in the Women’s Center Conference Room, 1st floor of the Student Resource Building

Interested in helping out?

Come to our meetings to get involved with event planning and learn about volunteer opportunities!

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